The Audiobook is LIVE

After much clutch pulling, braking and throttle twisting; I was able to finish the production of American Road Runner Audiobook and get it live on Audible.

My road to this audiobook started with reading and recording the book. Capturing the magic of my voice in the narration of this story of mine. I had to purchase a dedicated computer, two monitors, a really good microphone that I borrowed from a friend, a pre-amp for said microphone, a good interface and make a few custom cable to hook it all together. Then I had to build a new clothing hanger on a wall in my room because all of this was going to fit into my closet; now known as my voice studio. I loaded the recording program, got comfortable, hired an audiobook narration coach and sat down for 3 growling days of intense narration. I read, laughed, cried, beat the walls, punched the microphone and got through it all with a wonderfully, unedited and unproduced product. So I dug in, learned a few tricks that the production of my motorcycle show would not of taught me and in the end, got this audiobook. It is good–I have listened to it several times so I am an expert. For every hour of finished entertaining product you hear, I spent about 6 hours of good ole’ art making time to bring it to you.

I got to poor so much love and good work into this project and would not of done it any other way. Hear all about it at the end of the audiobook with a special BONUS CONTENT section where I and my narration coach sit down and tell you the story behind the story of recording this audiobook. It is only available on Audible. Clink the link below and enjoy my fellows.

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1 thought on “The Audiobook is LIVE

  1. GOOSE,Mark McDowell January 26, 2021 — 5:18 pm

    Hello.Just got finished with your book.Absolutley loved it.I live here in NC not very far from Rockingham, NC.Got a herniated disc so I been stuck at home.Your book brought back some great memories of my brother and me camping out at the SMOKE OUT.See you on the road.


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