American Road Runner The Book

We are all members of the human race so race, we must. This book is a true story about a man facing middle age with a love for all things 2 wheels as he pushes himself and his old retired cop bike turned chopper across country, as fast as possible. With his new and much younger girlfriend, his children, an ex wife and a mistress on his heart and mind, many decisions about his place in the universe have to be made. As he competes in a race from west to east across the United States, his decisions made with time in the saddle might allow him to live with himself if, he can survive this illegal road race. It will all prove to be one of the greatest challenges and adventures this man could ever ask for.

Stay tuned for this books release, in the mean time, enjoy the chapters on this page.


1 thought on “American Road Runner The Book

  1. Can’t wait to read!!!


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